2022 Tudor Black Bay 58 18K

Precious metal is not something that typically springs to mind when thinking about Rolex’s budget-friendly stablemate. Since being launched by Hans Wilsdorf in 1926, Tudor has filled the gap for enthusiasts looking for Rolex’s robust build quality at a more sensible price point. 


Fast forward to 2021, and the brand announced two precious metal versions of its best-selling Black Bay 58, taking the whole watch world by surprise. The first is made in silver (yes, silver!) and the other in 18K yellow gold. What makes this release so appealing is that the gold is done in a very Tudor way - with a completely brushed finish. While most manufacturers like to jazz up precious metal with a bit of polishing, Tudor has doubled down on its utilitarian personality and created the ultimate diver for those who like to rock gold in an understated way.  Recently sold on Watch Collecting for £7,250. 

1995 Rolex Submariner

Another Weekly Wind Down, and another unapologetic plug for 90s Rolex sports models. Each year that goes by, these ‘end-of-an-era’ watches get better looking. While contemporary offerings have been beefed up with ‘super cases’ and ‘maxi dials’, there’s a charm to these ‘five-digit’ references as they represent a time when Rolex struck a perfect balance between luxury and proper tool watch.


This ref. 16610 from 1995 dials up the purpose-built styling with its aluminium bezel (the last of its kind), and drilled lugs for quick and easy strap changes. Let’s not forget about those rattly old bracelets which feel a little flimsy nowadays but have an undeniable charm. For the purists out there, the reference 16610 will always be the one to get. Recently sold on Watch Collecting for £6,900. 

2023 Rolex Explorer 40

Since we’re talking about tool watches from the Crown, let's take a moment to admire the model that started it all - the Explorer. With its simple tri-Arabic dial and bulletproof construction, it blends timeless design with a long and celebrated history.


When the Explorer reverted back to its classical 36mm size in 2021 after a decade in more bloated proportions, we all thought it was the end of the road for the larger Explorer.  Well, just two years later, it’s back! - this time in 40mm. While this creates a lot of debate amongst hardcore fans, the good thing is Rolex is keeping the 36mm version alive and offering two size options for the first time in its history. This diplomatic move is sure to keep all the fans happy. Recently sold on Watch Collecting for £6,500. 

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