Our watch collector interviews continue with Ahmed Rahman, businessman, sartorial maven, cigar afficionado and watch collector extraordinaire.

Ahmed Rahman is a London-based, watch collector, and enthusiast specialising in collecting mainly contemporary watches with the occasional vintage Rolex. He has become an established feature of the watch collecting community, being featured in Revolution Magazine and Hodinkee’s ‘Talking Watches’. He can be found on Instagram at @time_mechanic.

What was the very first watch that you owned?

The very first watch that I ever owned was a Swatch that I was given as a Birthday present, which I wore for most of my teenage years. However, the watch I associate most with sparking my interest in watch collecting as a hobby, would have to be my Omega Seamaster also given to me as a graduation present by my parents, when I left boarding school. I am a huge James Bond fan, and the watch was inspired by Pierce Brosnan wearing it in Goldeneye as his first outing as Bond.

Omega Seamaster

Do you still have it? / Do you still wear it?

Yes, I do still own the watch and wear it occasionally, and most likely won’t part with it since it marks the start of my horological journey.

What is your favourite ever watch? / What is it that means so much to you?

I don’t really have a favourite watch, it is very difficult in my position being an enthusiast however I usually collect watches for three reasons, I like them from an aesthetic point of view, there is a story associated with it and the mechanics associated with the watch or it’s complications.

My most important cardinal rule is that I like to wear all my watches, which is the fun part about collecting. I am not one to just keep them stored away…when I usually stop wearing a watch or wear less of it then I know that it’s time to let go.

AP Royal Oak Jumbo Perpetual

Having said that the AP Royal Oak Jumbo Perpetual for its timeless design and the Rolex Pepsi GMT for its tool watch characteristics and practicality are some of my most worn watches of all time. I have always loved the perpetual calendar complication because of the ingenious thought process that has gone into making a mechanical complication of the sort, and the AP RO Perpetual encapsulates this quality in the best possible way for me.

2021 Rolex GMT-Master II 'Pepsi'

Pre-Covid, I would be traveling a fair amount and the Rolex GMT is the best travel watch in my opinion, and suited for any occasion, specially on the extremely comfortable Jubilee bracelet.

Money and availability no object – what watch would you cash it all in for? Your one-watch collection?

One Watch Collection - Again a very difficult one to answer - but if it had to be then it would be my Patek Philippe 5970 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. That watch for me ticks all the boxes and more...It’s aesthetic and proportions are near perfect and contemporary enough, a perpetual calendar and chronograph, two of my favourite complications in the same watch and finally the legendary Lemania 2310 chronograph movement beating inside, it’s seriously the best horological combination ever...coupled with the best wearability factor.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5970P

Our thanks to Ahmed Rahman for sharing his collecting journey.

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